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Back to School/Daycare Wish List

Depending on where you live, it's possible your kids have headed back to school this week, with some starting daycare, kindy or school for the very first time. 

Oh to be a kid again.....

I grew up in the middle of nowhere.  Attended a primary school boasting no more than about 50 students & definitely never had anything half as cool as the items I'm about to share with you. I am green with envy at all of the cool stuff available these days! Don't get me wrong - those school days were good days & life isn't about material things, but I'm feeling nostalgic. I have to point out just how lucky we are to have so many amazing products available to us & more incredibly, products designed/made or supplied by working Mums themselves. 

I've called this my Back to School/Daycare Wish List because let's be honest, there are a lot of people who are just trying to get the basics ticked off the list. Your child won't be any less cool if they rock up to school without these products. Consider this just a showcase of some really really cool stuff!

You might even be wondering why I'm doing this article when my little one isn't old enough for school yet? Well.....because they're too good - I couldn't not share them with you all! Plus, when my girl is old enough for school I'll be blubbing away in the corner in denial that my week days with her are coming to an end. 


Here are ten of my favourite items - in no particular order. 

1. Yumbox

Ok so this one had to go first on the list - because, food!

Just when you thought preparing snacks & lunches couldn't get any more frustrating - along comes Yumbox.  They're available in a heap of different colour & compartment options, but most importantly, they promote good nutrition & portion control. The leakproof lid will keep your sauces/dips exactly where you packed them & you'll be doing your bit for the environment as you wave goodbye to plastic wrap. If you've got a fussy eater, give these a try, I swear I could fill my Daughters YB with sardines & she'd happily eat them.

Support a family business and consider purchasing yours from a local stockist like we did. Check out the range available at Little Bento World.

2. Pea Fritters Allergy Friendly Cookbook

Finding recipes that your little ones love can be tricky, especially when you need to cater for their allergies/intolerances as well as being mindful of any potential allergy sufferers at their school/daycare. This free pdf cookbook from Ruth at Pea Fritters will not only provide you with some great meal options, but an amazing recipe for Fudgy Chocolate Cupcakes. Ruth has ensured that every recipe in the cookbook is free from the Top 8 Allergens & also included some helpful hints for planning ahead when it comes to snacks and mealtimes. 

3. Sunday Soldiers Personalised Bags

Say no more - a personalised bag is pretty amazing & these are a perfect size for those starting school! They'll be such a hit with your mini & they're available in Black, Charcoal, Powder Pink or Olive. Just add a Custom Backpack to your cart, pop your choice of name in the comments at checkout & let the team at SS do the rest! 


4. Shoezooz Shoe Stickers

Anything that helps with the morning frenzy that is trying to get out the door is worth its weight in gold if you ask me! So these Shoezooz shoe stickers from our friends at Tiptoe and Co definitely had to be included. Ever met a kid that doesn't like stickers? Me either. They'll have a great time learning which foot goes in which shoe as they enjoy their bright stickers. 

5. Forever 3 Paperie School Years Book.

Looking for a stunning unisex option to document your little ones school years? The My School Years book by Forever 3 Paperie is the perfect way to document every special moment as your child experiences Kindy right through to High School. Such a beautiful keepsake for all of those treasured memories. The best thing is, as the years pass by & the current trends change, this monochome design will never date.

6. Bellhop files

Hands up if you're tired of carrying a hundred different items around in your handbag 'just in case'? Chances are you lug around spare clothes, nappies, snacks, toys or activities for the kids, sunscreen, hats, the list goes on......& that's just for the kids!

Bellhop files will keep your bag tidy & ensure you can put your hands on what you're looking for, exactly when you need it! There are so many different ways to use these little gems. Have a file for each child, or one for snacks, one for spare clothes, one for toys. The options are endless & the best part is you won't be carrying unnecessary stuff around all day. We love the Kaikoura (pictured above) but they're available in grey/red also.


Swaggies were designed with the daycare babes in mind & they're all kinds of amazing. They're really lightweight so your little helpers can carry them & they're available in the most gorgeous designs. We opted for this Blush beauty and I have a hard time getting my little one out of it! Not only does this tick all of the boxes for daycare, it's so handy for impromptu sleepovers with the Grandparents. Catch my drift? No need to worry about a bed Nan, we've got this covered, have fun, BYEEEEEEE!!  

8. Little Renegade Company Grey Felt Mini Backpack

Keeping with the daycare appropriate options, check out the mini backpacks from Little Renegade Company. The size of these are perfect for little ones but still provide enough room for all of the daycare essentials. They're available in 6 different colour options & while you're there you've got the option to add a matching duffle bag to your order - there's your year round luggage needs sorted! 


9. Little Wuppy

You might argue the relevance of a Little Wuppy doll on this list - but what could be more important than helping to support & comfort your little one as they transition into their new school routine.  Designed by Linda, a former primary school teacher and artist, these aids are such a beautiful gift to help ease the worry & anxiety that is often associated with starting school. Your child simply holds the red embroidered heart against their own heart to send their worries to the Little Wuppy. What a sweet way to help your child understand and deal with their emotions. 

10. You've Got This Mama Mug Set

Maybe you'll be shedding a few tears as you send your little babe/s off to school, or maybe you're secretly looking forward to a quiet house and the ability to enjoy a hot cuppa. Whatever your deal, You've Got This Mama. Treat yourself for a change with a mug set from Nellie & The Cat. Let this mug be your morning reminder that you're doing a great job.

So there you have it - a bunch of my faves from some pretty amazing businesses. I hope you enjoyed reading & discovering some new products.

Let me know, in the comments below, if you're already using some of these products - or maybe you can share some of your own favourite Back to School items? 

Thanks for reading,


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  • Terri on

    Such wonderful ideas! Most of these would be suitable for both my small guy and the teen ??

  • Joce on

    Love everything you’ve chosen here!
    And thanks for including the You’ve Got This mug, us mamas need a treat too sometimes! X

  • Rachel on

    Thanks for including my little Swaggies!! A great read and lots of good tips for me with my twins starting school this year! ? Xx

  • Amanda on

    Love the yumbox and personalised backpack ideas Hun!

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